Matteo Bittanti

FORMAT: digital videos: SLOW FIGHTER I (3 hours and 44 minutes); SLOW FIGHTER II (3 hours and 23 minutes); SLOW FIGHTER III (3 hours and  11 minutes).

YEAR: 2009
DESCRIPTION: Appropriated gameplay of Street Fighter IV (Capcom, 2008), slowed down to show one frame per second (instead of the regular 60). Specifically, the three videos illustrate the grotesque and exaggerated fighting moves of various computer controlled characters - two males (Rufus vs. Mr. Bison) and two females (Chun-Li vs. C. Viper) in the first two rounds, a male (Mr. Bison) and a female character (Chun-Li) in the last one. Instructions:
SET-UP: The three SLOW FIGHTER videos are to be shown on a see-through screen, next to each other, in a dark, empty room.