May 22, 2014: 2.0 is live [ONLINE]

May 19, 2014: CHRIS BURDEN EXTREME RACING is live at [ART]

May 5, 2014: Oro en paz y fierro en guerra is live at [ART]

April 28, 2014: City Blocks is live at [ART]

April 24 - 28, 2014: GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: Marco Mendeni & Marc Vincent Kalinka, THECA Gallery, Off Fair Bruxells, Booth 45 [ART CURATION]

March - April 2014: Menagerie's layouts: The Physical Impossibility of Death etc.Art Farm etc., Untitled etc.I Like America etc.Untitled etc.Elephant in the Room etc.Spring Training etc., Hahn/Cock etc., Würsa à 18000 Km etc., Mother and Child etc., Untitled (Twelve Live etc.)Best Before, Elefant etc.

March 23, 2014: Menagerie is live at [ART]

March 2014: The second wave of Streetviews of San Francisco is live at The Bay Area Matatu Express (March 16), Google Mooning (March 17), Safari Tech (March 18), The Mission Funeral (March 19) and a video recap (March 21). The Streetviews of San Francisco was mentioned by Lydia Chavez at Mission Loc@l and the San Francisco Chronicle and by John Struan at SuperPunch [ART]

March 6, 2014: A New American Dream is live at COLL.EO [ART]
February 2014: COLL.EO's The Streetviews of San Francisco was featured on Hyperallergic (Mostafa Heddaya)
January 2014: COLL.EO's The Streetviews of San Francisco was featured on ValleyWag (Sam Biddle), The Atlantic and Yahoo! News (Alexis Madrigal), The San Francisco Examiner (Jonah Owen Lamb), Fast Company (Ariel Swarz), The Bold Italic (Jennifer Maerz), Tenderloin BlogNerdcore (Germany), Mission Local (Lydia Chavez), Paul Mison's NotesArs Technica (Cyrus Farivar) and Chinese website BerlinLog. See also "Tech Rides Are Focus of Hostility in The Bay Area" by David Streifeld and Malia Wollanjan (The New York Times).
January 16, 2014: CONCRETE PRESS releases GRAND THEFT VITO.
January 14, 2014: The Streetviews of San Francisco is live at COLL.EO. [ART]
January 9, 2014: "Il Boom Italiano", documentazione di THE GREAT ITALIAN RACE. [ART]
January 9, 2014: "COLL.EO is Reinventing the Wheel" (GameScenes) [INTERVIEW]
December 2013: Game Arthritis featured on Euro Buzz (France), Buzzly (France)
December 2, 2013: CONCRETE PRESS releases CARJACKED. [BOOK]
November 30, 2013: THE GREAT ITALIAN RACE (1963 - 1993) is live at COLL.EO. [ART]
October 17 - December 8, 2013: DECEPTIVE PERCEPTIONS - DI/VISIONI PERSISTENTI, Marco Mendeni's solo show @ Galleria Civica Campione d’Italia (Ita | Canton Ticino), Camera di Commercio dell’Uruguay (Saronno, Milan), .Box - Spazio internazionale per la video arte (Milano) in collaboration with Andrea Carlo Alpini, Alessandra Arno, and Stefano Roberto Mazzatorta. [ART CURATION]
October 18 - November 30, 2013: GAMES REFLEXIONS, Le Carreau, Cergy, France). [SHOW]
September 12, 2013: AFTER PROCESS, California College of the Arts, Oakland. [TALK]
September 4 - 26, 2013: Working Title, CCA Faculty Exhibition 2013, curated by Mara Skov Holt, San Francisco, California. [SHOW]
September 24 - December 15, 2013: "DECEPTIVE PERCEPTIONS - DI/VISIONI PERSISTENTI", Marco Mendeni solo show @ Galleria Civica Campione d’Italia (Ita | Canton Ticino), Camera di Commercio dell’Uruguay (Saronno, Mi), .Box - Spazio internazionale per la video arte (Milano) in collaboration with Andrea Carlo Alpini, Alessandra Arno e Stefano Roberto Mazzatorta. [CURATORIAL PROJECT]
September 4, 2013: SMALLER THAN LIFE is now avalable in ARTWORK and BOOK form.
August 30, 2013: FOLLOWING BIT is now live. [ARTWORK]
August 2013: Game Arthritis featured on Polygon (US), Buzzfeed (US), El Informador (Mexico), Cartel Urbano (Colombia), Afficher La Suite (France), Brain de Geek (France), Enlaces Massivos (Mexico), Contenido (Mexico), Fafhoo Noticias (Mexico), 13CL (France); AdictaMente (Uruguay), La Tercera (Chile), Le Tribunal De Net (France), Creation (France), La Horca (Chile) [MEDIA COVERAGE]
August 6, 2013: ANDY WARHOL homage is live at Coll.eo. [ARTWORK]
July 23 – August 3, 2013: Girl, You Will Be a Woman... Soon will be on display at The Games of Art exhibition, Brisbane, Australia.
May 28, 2013: AFTER ANIMALS is live. [ARTWORK]
May 16, 2013: DOMESTICATED is live. [ARTWORK]
April 30, 2013: Coll.eo's YOU ARE DEAD is live. [ARTWORK]
March 20, 2013: REMOTE PLAY and ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED are live at Coll.eo.[ARTWORK]
February 27, 2013:  AFTER CARS LAYOUTS, is live at Coll.eo. [ARTWORK]
January 27, 2013: Launched BROKEN CAGE. [ARTWORK]
January 10, 2013: VIDEOS AFTER DIRK SKREBER is live at Coll.eo. [ARTWORK]
December 12, 2012: AFTER CARS, is live at Coll.eo. [ARTWORK]
December 7 - 20, 2012: Coll.eo's "Gays in the Military" (2012) has been selected for the POINT OF NO RETURN exhibition at Southern Exposure gallery in San Francisco. More than 600 artworks were submitted and 46 of them were accepted. The show is curated by Hesse McGraw. [SHOW]
November 14, 2012: Coll.eo's "Gays in the Military" (2012) was featured in issue 18 of PLAYERS magazine (page 78-79). You can read it here (In Italian) [MEDIA COVERAGE]
November 1, 2012: CARJACKED I is on display at CONCRETE Gallery. [SHOW]
November 1, 2012: 2.0 now online. [PROJECT]
October 13, 2012: Coll.eo's CARJACKED is live. [ARTWORK]
October 1, 2012: Coll.eo's DISCIPLES is live. [ARTWORK]
September 19, 2012: New collaborative project: FRAMING GAYS IN THE MILITARY as Coll.eo. [ARTWORK]
October 26, 2012 - January 18, 2013: Game Arthritis @ Science Gallery, Dublin, [SHOW]
Game Arthritis will be shown at Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. The work, co-authored with IOCOSE will feature at GAME, 'a flagship interactive exhibition exploring the future of play'. Opening on the 26th of October. The exhibition ends on the 18th of January 2013. [SHOW]
Girl, You'll Be a Woman... Soon @ PLAYING THE GAME, Milan, Italy October 26 - 27 2012 [SHOW]
Girl, You'll Be a Woman... Soon was featured in the Game Art section of "PLAYING THE GAME Videogames, Home Brew, Indie Games, Game Art". Curated by VJ VISUALLOP @ O Artoteca Associazione No Profit, Via Pastrengo, Milano, MI, Italia. Featuring works by Matteo Bittanti, Duncan Harris, Shinji Murakami, Kenton Sheely, TonyLight and Vj VISUALOOP. Click here to see the installation views. [SHOW]